Latest pack update as of Friday, October 15, 2021 7:46 AM.

Change likely somewhere around 200. Caravan changes.

VIP Mud Download

Download the self extracting installer.Download..

Note. Please close all running instanses of VIPMud before installing the soundpack.

Other VIP Mud download options

To join the Dropbox shared folder, send an OTell to Mysus, Asari or Kavi with your email address. Note, the folder is quite large.

I need help with the VIP Mud pack!

To view a list of available help documentsView help documentation..

Upcoming pack!

Coming soon to a mush client near you, we give you a mush pack for NW! Stay tuned here or to the blind channel in game for updates!

Contacting the Soundpack Developers

Follow us on twitter!.

Join the telegram channel!.

Send a bug report.

Send a suggestion or feature request.

Rules for the telegram group.

Welcome everyone. The rules in this group are as follows:

Thank you and enjoy the soundpack!