Getting started

This help file will attempt to answer any questions you may have about the buffers system.

This section is very important. Upon first run of the soundpack, meaning for first time users, you must type "SpSave." Failing to do this will throw errors the next time you run the pack.

For all other users, you need only save your buffer settings if you make a change to your current list of buffers, and you'd like to load that change again.

Explaining the system.

The Master buffer list contains every buffer that is currently in the pack.

The Current buffer list.

The current buffer list contains all buffers you have in your current buffer list. An explanation on the buffer list will be given later in this help file. By default, the current buffer list contains 5 buffers. You do not need to keep any of these default buffers if you don't want to. You can remove all of them even. But note, if all buffers are removed from the current buffer list, VIP will throw an error.

Adding buffers.

To add a buffer to the current buffer list, you may use the alias AddBuffer or the key Alt-shift-Right. The master buffer list will then be displayed. Down arrow or use first letter navigation until you find the buffer you'd like to add and hit enter.

Removing buffers.

To remove a buffer from the current buffer list, you can use the alias DelBuffer or the key alt-shift-left. All items in your current buffer list will display. Down arrow or use first letter navigation until you find the buffer you'd like to delete and press enter.

Moving between buffers.

To move between active buffers, use the key alt-right to move to the next buffer, and alt-left to go back to the previous buffer.

Reading buffers.

Reading buffers is a bit more complex and has many more keys to remember. They will be outlined here.

Loading and saving buffers.

To load the buffers you have saved, just type LoadBuffers or use the key control-alt-shift-L.

Saving your buffers can be done using any of the following methods.

  • spsave
  • The soundpack also saves all settings once every 10 minutes.

    misc keys.

    An alias and key have been created to clear the contents of a buffer if that buffer starts throwing errors. Do to a bug within VIP, buffers can only contain so much information. At the current time, it is unknown when this error shows up. But if it does, you may type ClearBuffer or use the key alt-shift-Delete.

    You may clear the text out of all of your buffers by using the key Control-Alt-Shift-Delete, or the alias ClearAllBuffers.