Thank you for taking the time to download the soundpack! This document provides instructions for installing and running the soundpack, as well as references to useful commands built into the pack. It is highly recommended you read the other files in this folder as well to answer any questions you have. Aciath thanks you for doing your part to keep what's left of his sanity intact.

Included in the main soundpack directory is a file called sounds.ini. This file has been optimized to allow VIP to play up to 100 sound files at a time. Just copy sounds.ini into your C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPMud 2.0 folder and answer yes to the replace file prompt if you would like to take advantage of this feature.


To install this soundpack, first go and obtain it. Several methods have been implemented for downloading the soundpack as well as all future updates.


1. There is the standard .zip file. The link to obtain this is,

Note, this link should never change, so bookmark it if you'd like.

2. A shared Dropbox folder has been created as well. If you'd like to be invited to the folder, just let Aciath know and you will be invited as soon as possible.


First, you will need to go and make sure all the information is correct in the connection setup wizard within VIPMud. several questions have been asked about this, so answers will be provided.

Under the Connect menu within VIPMud's menu structure, find the Character Setup/Connect option. Hit enter on that and you'll be dropped into the connection wizard. A few edit boxes and options will present themselves. The NVDA screen reader does not read these edit boxes, so the window text has been captured and is shown below. Fields that are required are marked with asterisks.

After you have obtained the soundpack and completed the necessary steps from within VIPMud, select all from within the downloaded folder, then locate your VIPMud directory. Assuming you haven't moved the directory, it will be in your documents directory. The directory name should look something like this: C:\users\insertUsername\Documents\VIPMud Paste the downloaded folders content, then either restart VIPMud, or use the #reload command from within the game.

Upon first run of the pack, you must complete the following steps.

If everything went according to plan, you should have a fully working pack! If something goes wrong, please go through and read the installation instructions outlined above and apply any changes necessary before contacting Aciath.

Miscellaneous Notes.

If by chance you find that a sound has gotten stuck, or is not acting as expected, you may use the alias StopSound, or the key Control-F11 to stop all currently playing sounds.

To report bugs or submit suggestions, either use the blind channel, oTell Aciath, join the discord or email me at

If you start seeing messages about error logged, not simply error, you'll need to reconfigure your settings. This is do to a bug with settings code that should be fixed soon.