The soundpack has a system for monitoring the health of set targets. Following is a list of keys and aliases.

Notice: the number 1 spoken means your target is in perfect condition. The number 9 spoken means your target is nearly dead.


t1 through t9 will set targets for viewing health. Example: t1 Aciath would set your first target to Aciath, while t2 Andrew would set your second target to Andrew.To set the amount of healing that is done, use the hamt alias. Example: Hamt 200 would heal your target using 200SP.

If you've forgotten what player is set to what target, you can use the aliases s1 through s9.

To check the health of a target, use the aliases l1 through l9.

To heal a target, use the aliases h1 through h9

To heal a target from afar, use the aliases f1 through f9

For those with the lifewatch power, the aliases W1 through W9 will use that power on your target


alt-shift-1 through alt-shift-9 will show you the health of those targets.